Claire Melbourne

A New York native and artist since childhood,  Claire graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. She began with a major in Fine Arts but transitioned to fashion, becoming an award-winning designer at London Fog, East-West, Braetan, and Gallery.

In 2008,  She rediscovered her passion for art in the form of abstract painting.

Claire works in acrylics, oils, and various other natural and manufactured materials to create unique dimension, color, and texture. Her works have been displayed at galleries across New York and Connecticut.

In 2013, her works were curated with a private collection of lithographs by Chagall, Picasso, and Dalí at a gallery in Rhinebeck, NY. A year later, her painting Saturday in the Country won Honorable Mention in a show judged by Walter Leidtke––a curator at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.


I recognize beauty in both the everyday and the exceptional, creating an aesthetic event through abstraction. My works are expressions of my own sentiments and passions, leaving the viewer to negotiate meaning.