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Hooey Wilks 

artist photo IMG_5484 cropped[41300].jpg

My recent venture in the art world is and has been based on a photo series of my extensive collection of over 100 antique toy skiers from the dawn of skiing (1930’s and 40’s).

The images are taken in snow, high in the mountains at ski resorts across the country, not photoshopped to appear on location. 

This work showcases the beauty of mountain landscapes with a wink of whimsy designed to draw the viewer in and surprise and delight.

I love working at that intersections of time and nature and forcing the viewer to question what is real. I try and create a sense of movement even though none exists.  In the last year , I have expanded on that original photo series by creating new work as our world was upended. These new works explore what it means to be a skier (or human) during a global pandemic, social unrest, and global warming. It asks the question if what you are seeing is real.

This work brings order to chaos and adds additional layers to the experience of my vintage toy images. In a year which is proving to be challenging for so many, I am delighted to bring joy through my art work. 


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