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Julie Testwuide


An award winning photographer and artist for over three decades, Julie captures stunning images of horses from around the world. Using her “astute photographer’s eye and intuitive painter’s vision,”she creates large, dramatic masterpieces framed in reclaimed barn wood. The beautiful hand finished wood framing makes it feel as though the horses are surrounded by the natural materials – the barn or forests – in which these magnificent animals reside.

Born and educated in the Midwest, Julie studied photography, completing her Master’s degree at UW-Madison. In 1981, she began an illustrious career photographing major sporting events and assignments for large corporations and publications in New York City. From the top of the Verrazano Bridge at the NYC Marathons to photo shoots of celebrities, corporate executives, factory workers and athletes on assignments around the country, she honed her technical skills in the field and in the darkroom.

Testwuide’s latest photographs celebrate the strength, line, power, beauty, and essence of the horse, using natural light and muted backgrounds that draw the viewer close to the animal that she adores. Julie’s clients often ask when they view her work, “Is it a photograph or a painting?” Aiming for a dreamy, ethereal look in her work, Julie was described in the New York Times, “Testwuide uses several techniques that make her photographs look like paintings.”

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