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Lila Turjanski-Villard


Since she can remember, sculpture and dance have been two constant passions in Lila Villard’s life.

The themes of movement, space and rhythm are constantly present in her artwork.

Lila Turjanski-Villard  was born in Argentina, where she studied clay sculpture in private studios for more than ten years.
In the US, she continue to study contemporary sculpture at the Westchester Art Workshop that motivated her to explore new materials. In 2005, she started to experiment with paper and mixed media to create light whimsical sculpture that seem to float out of the frames in fluid movements; and her creative journey continues and evolves.

Currently, her work is exhibited at art galleries and juried art shows around the country and it is in private collection in Europe.
Lila holds a degree in Psychology from the University of  Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She holds a Masters Degree in Management of Nonprofit Organizations from New York University.

Lila lives in Yorktown Heights, NY

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