Loren Anderson

Artists Statement

My work has changed significantly over the years, my love affair with color being the one constant. I consider myself an interpretive landscape painter although I am also interested in figure and portrait. I have given several years of devotion to each of the mediums– oils, acrylics, watercolors and pastels. Heaven, for me, is to be found while painting in the middle of a garden. My goal is to capture in paint the feeling of being there: the dappled sunlight, the shadows, the breeze, the beautiful chaos. In this way, I hope to pass on to my viewers the joy of the experience.


Growing up with an artistic mother, I was drawing and painting from the time I could hold a brush. From the age of thirteen onwards, I studied with Jock MacRae, a master painter and dedicated teacher. I continued my studies with Jock until I went to college at Syracuse University, where I received a BFA in Painting. After college I had the opportunity to teach in Jock’s studio and exhibit my work in the Bengert-MacRae gallery. During this period, I was exposed to, and influenced by, the work of many contemporary landscape painters, such as Nell Blaine and Henry Finkelstein.

 With great appreciation for the skills and sense of "home" I found in Jock's studio, I was inspired to open my own studio where others could find their creative voice. I first opened the South Salem Art Workshop, which later moved to Katonah and became the Katonah Art Center. After twenty years, KAC settled in Mt. Kisco where it has been thriving for the past two years. Through KAC I have had the opportunity to hire and be inspired by other artists who travel a similar path while growing as an artist and creating my own body of work.

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