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Michael Patterson


As a young painter, my focus was on landscapes exclusively, with rarely a person or a man-made thing in the work at all. Trees, rivers, mountains, clear skies, and skies full of clouds in every season, mostly along the Hudson River.

Eventually, I moved into cities. First New York, then I moved to Paris for three years and painted streets filled with people in the rain, in the dappled light under trees, parks, and riversides, onto beaches filled with families.

The style of my work has moved in and out from a Fauve like color palette, Impressionism, through a mix of a modified Cubist style. 

Michael Patterson earned his degree in art and music from SUNY Purchase, NY. Coming from a family of professional artists and following in the footsteps of his grandfather, renowned artist Howard Ashman Patterson, he traveled extensively in Europe and the United States


He has lived by his art throughout his life and uses oil, watercolors, block prints, and sculpture as his mediums of expression. His work resides in more than 500 personal collections and is included in the collection of corporations such as PepsiCo, Young Broadcasting, and others.

He has won dozens of awards throughout the Northeast and his work is featured in many premier regional galleries.

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