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Patti Gibbons

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Gibbons’ art is influenced by the fantasy illustrators of her childhood –

Dulac, Nielsen, Rackham, and artists such as Burchfield, Redon, Klimt, and Seliger.  Through automatic drawing and intuitive painting, the artist channels her surroundings and life experiences to create work that is universal and accessible. She works in several mediums, to create colorful abstract narratives, full of energy and movement.

Gibbons has spent most of her life in the Hudson Valley, a place rich in history and visual beauty, that has captured her heart and creative muse.
Her early art career included design work in the studio of Elana Zang, and as a designer/production artist for several companies.

After 20+ years of a gratifying career as an art teacher for special needs children, she left public education to pursue her art full time, working out of her Kingston NY studio.

Art studies included the Woodstock School of Art, Women’s Studio Workshop, Garrison Art Center and other venues.  Her work is in many private collections around the country, and she has shown regionally and abroad.


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