Satish Joshi


Satish creates paintings by manipulating modeling paste mixed with gesso which he then overlays with oil paints, creating soft planes and sculpted forms on canvas or wood panels. His paintings and monotype prints are visual complements of each other, as their layered looks explore the interaction of light, texture and color. A self-taught sculptor and welder, often combining the two elements, stone and metal, in the same sculpture.  Satish works with marble, limestone and alabaster. His stone and metal sculptures range from 12' to 30' height or length. 

Satish Joshi is a
graduate of the New Delhi College of Art (MFA) who immigrated to the US in 1969.

"My artistic practice has been one of experimentation, breadth, and depth. I work with equal facility in painting, printmaking and sculpture, defying the often held expectation that an artist can master just one medium.
My mind and hands are instruments of ceaseless creation, they paint, they pull handmade prints, they sculpt."