Staszek Kotowski

Staszek grew up in a house in which the walls were covered with paintings by his grandfather, Jan Kotowski, and by other painters.  Beginning in those earliest years, painting and drawing became his favorite activities.  He studied at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, in Poland, were he was awarded a Master’s degree in Fine Art. He taught there as an assistant professor for four years before coming to US where he now lives.  He’s also and accomplished and soght-after decorative artist, using knowledge of historical styles and techniques aquired from his studies and European experience. Along with his work in the decorative arts, he has continued his main passion for oil paintings and drawings, through which he pursues his interest in nature as a fundamental part of our being.

Many of Staszek’s paintings are inspired by the mystery and the vastness of the seas, skies and landscape.

“These primal spaces invoke contemplation. They awaken our spirit, and a hope that we may remain unobstructed by the tumult of life in industrial society – we may connect back to ourselves.

“Oceans and waters, not fully explored yet but being at the foundation of life, give us possibilities to contemplate,  they resonate in us with their space, rhythms, power and always living texture and color.”

His paintings have been featured in many Home Design magazines (Artchitectural Digest; House and Garden; Westchester Home; Quest Magazine etc.) and are in many private collections in USA , Switzerland, Germany, France.  His work has been chosen by many interior designer for their customers homes: Juan Pablo Molyneux , Scott Snyder Inc., Jackie Maritz Interiors, Laura Bohn Design, Harry Heissman Inc., Lifestyles & Interiors by Lisa.

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