Corinne Lapin-Cohen captures the beauty and grace of a plant at a particular moment. Painting with the precision and clarity of a scientist and the heart and vision of an artist, her botanical artwork is informative while being artistically pleasing. Her meticulous attention to detail draws the viewer into each painting, and the sensuous watercolors reflect her unusual sensitivity to nature. To Corinne, Botanical Art is about precision and clarity- but ultimately about life.

While still drawing inspiration from nature for her abstract paintings, Corinne continues to celebrate life. Now her focus is on creating beauty through color, shape and texture.
Instead of watercolors, this work is executed in oil paint on canvas, using various silk threads, cords, and ribbons to give movement. Each breeze rearranges the threads slightly. When a gentle breeze blows across the threads, you can almost hear music.

In the Cancer Project series, Corinne’s personal journey explodes with her passion to survive.
Oil paint, silk threads, and cut canvas explore the emotional turmoil of her journey. This group of paintings took 22 years of living, and a year of studio work, before finding its story on canvas.

Corinne’s work has been exhibited in numerous arboretums, galleries and museums throughout the country. She is in the permanent collection of the Hunt Institute for Botanical Documentation at Carnegie Mellon University, in Pittsburgh, Pa. Her original paintings and limited edition prints are widely collected

She teaches botanical art at StoneHouse Studio in Katonah.