Julie Testwuide, photographer and artist, has been captivated by the beauty and grace of the prehistoric looking great blue herons that silently stalk their prey in Beaver Dam River in Katonah. When she came across 22 nesting pairs of great blue herons in the swamp off of Old Post Road near Stone Hill Road she planted herself overlooking the swamp with her telephoto lens in hand. Julie focused on the nests where she found the newborns waiting eagerly for their parents delivering the bounty. This summer you will have the opportunity to see the beauty of these stately birds as she captured them seemingly dancing in flight, feeding their young and standing guard over the next generation of these four-foot-tall birds which will grace out streams and ponds for years to come. Julie prints the images on fine art watercolor paper and canvas using desaturated color and techniques that make the images appear painterly, resembling lithographs.