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Mireille Duchesne

"Artistic Journey"

Oct. 15th - Nov. 25th 2020

Meet our new artist, Mireille   Duchesne "At an early age I was in awe of the wonderful Chiaroscuro paintings from the masters. I loved, and still do, the tension and drama between the dark and the light, I knew I wanted to paint this way.

For years I painted still life with great enthusiasm, but I felt I had more to give and explore.

I ventured into landscapes using the same techniques I had mastered with chiaroscuro.

Painting is my life passion and within that passion I have discovered that to appease my restless creativity I needed new ways of expression".  Mireille's creative and life journey, started in Normandie,  from there to several African countries and finally to the United States. The   artist is still exploring, and although her life is here in the US now, her artistic journey continues.

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