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Willows I-Cyanotype bleed 30x22 -800.jpg
Jane Cooper "Duets"

August 15 - September 14

For this exhibit, artist Jane Cooper, created a series of  works that relate in form and subject and encourage the viewer to contemplate the connections between different pieces. 

Linda Puiatti - June 19 - July 26

"Mountains and Valleys, Fields and Shores"
A new collection of recent landscape paintings by Hudson Valley artist Linda Puiatti. In the past year Puiatti has visited mountains and valleys from Costa Rica to the Catskills, beaches from Cape Cod to Jaco, fields and barns from the farmlands of New York state and the East Coast. Her paintings are a joyful interpretation of these beloved subjects and invite the viewer to breathe in the atmosphere and light abundant in her scenes. 
NEW-Treetop Rhododendron, oil over acryl
"A Spring Preview"
Recent works by Cynthia Mullins
Currently available by virtual exhibition, Oak & Oil brings you the Spring 2020 collection of floral paintings by Cynthia Mullins for everyone to enjoy.
Shop online and pick up your original artwork at the gallery or have it delivered to your home.
Printmaking with Jane Cooper
Saturday Feb 22 from 1 to 3pm
Enjoy an afternoon of printmaking with Katonah artist Jane Cooper, artist and designer from the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk. Live demonstration of how to make a monotype.
Music by Marc Black
Saturday, Feb 22 from 7 to 9pm
An evening of art and music at Oak&Oil Gallery, featuring the acclaimed eclectic folk-rocker Marc Black.
Marc is a master at spreading the joy of music and we invite you to participate in this very special evening.
Marc Black is an eclectic folk-rocker who deals with life, and all its social and political challenges... one song at a time. A proud road warrior in the finger style traditions of Mississippi Hurt and Time Hardin, Marc was inducted into the New York Chapter of the Blues Hall of Fame in June of 2014. He has performed and recorded with Art Garfunkel, Taj Mahal, Richie Havens, and Pete Seeger to name a few. He was recently named Folk Artist of the Year on ABC Radio, and a winner at the Kerrville Folk Festival just a few years before. Marc Black reached #6 on the Folk DJ Chart with his Pictures of the Highway CD. In the words of folk legend, Happy Traum, "Marc is a master at spreading the joy of music."
Saturday Jan 25 from 6 to 8pm
A fun and entertaining evening of guitar portraits and the stories behind them. Artist, writer and comedian Dave Bradford combines illustrations of iconic guitars, worn from the lives they accompanied. Join us for a reading from his collection of original stories behind the portraits. Guitar stories is a multi-media show, combining storytelling, layered with visual media and live music. Every guitar has a story, an origin, a life filled with creation, worn by travel, use, neglect, dinged in enthusiastic spasms, left on a Greyhound, used as a weapon in defense of an aggressive anti-fan. These are stories of a few of them. Dave Bradford is a writer, visual artist, actor and performer. His work is derived from life experience, and pure imagination.
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