Richard Lang Chandler

Richard is powerfully drawn to both the art of cityscape and that of landscape. While his paintings remain rooted in literal reality, they also reveal unseen forces that are continuously exerting themselves against the fixed boundaries of observed forms.

In his paintings, buildings undulate, skies and sidewalks are wildly dappled, and perspectives seem to head towards some extraordinary other-worldly denouement.  Yet it all holds together in good order.  Normal business is transacted without fuss or anxiety. The rhythms of nature continue to unfold in their timeless cycle. Figures, in fact, are not the least bit exercised by the explosion of cosmic colors electrifying their environments. A key message here: there is a relentless urgency to life whether one feels it or not.

For a moment the veil is parted and the hidden vibrancy animating the world is revealed.

Testimonials from Private Collectors:

“What occurs to you, after spending some time with Richard’s work, is that while many of his subjects seem fixed and timeless, such as rooftops and streets, they’re rendered in a transitory, almost unstable way. This gives the work a sense of possibility, of being in motion. He paints an instant that will never happen again, yet that is nonetheless captured in a subject that seems immovable.
There is truth in that idea, and he renders it with unique interest and beauty”


“What strikes me first about Richard’s work? The amazing colors and the curved lines, and the unique perspective he brings to his buildings, streets, lampposts, and roads.
At first blush the buildings can seem a little off balance. But in the end, they are what ensure that Richard’s work never gets old. I love those curved buildings and curly lampposts. I also love the way his paintings transport me. I can get lost staring at his work, imagining I am there in Amsterdam or New York City or China. The table with its tulips and 
Vanity Fair: It’s a simple subject, but from Richard’s perspective it takes on interest and meaning, creating a warm and welcoming space for me.
I especially love “Howard Street.” New York is my home, though I am temporarily relocated on the opposite coast. When I am homesick, I look at “Howard Street” and there I am in downtown Manhattan, rushing to pick up something or get to the subway because I am running late. All the energy comes through, and that picks me up.”


“Richard Lang Chandler creates for the viewer a transcendent reality where every element of the landscape pulsates with energy and color, and, yet, welcomes her home.  His images are a living testament to the beauty of urban spaces — Lisbon, New York, Amsterdam, Italian villages, and others — seen through eyes that capture a contemporary, dynamic sense of what it means to be human.  His use of color and the exaggeration of natural form is nothing short of magic.”