A Duo exhibit, featuring Photographs from Julie Testwuide‘s “I am Free” series and Jane Cooper‘s “Spacious Skies” paintings and monotypes. Testwuide’s search, through her lens, for the wild and unshackled and Cooper’s exploration of atmospheric spaces between stillness and storm. Inhabited by sea, sky and land.  Testwuide’s extraordinary images were captured on remote Sable Island in Nova Scotia, Cumberalnd Island, GA, Assateague, MD, Chincoteague, VA, Iceland, and on her Icelandic horse farm in Katonah, NY. Her next round of wild horses photography will include capturing the Przewalski horses in Mongolia, which are truly one of the wildest horse breeds in the world.  Cooper’s works evolve from years exploring passages and coastlines.  The Michigan lakes, Long Island Sound, South Carolina and the Atlantic Coast in Ireland. The two artists who have been friends for over 25 years, also completed a collaborative piece on canvas. Julie’s eye and camera captured a scene where the water meets the sky. Jane used her brushes and talent to enhance the image with strokes of oil paint, creating a combination of the two artists views of the horizon at sea.

See more about the artists work and bios. https://www.oakandoil.com/artists/jane-cooper/ https://www.oakandoil.com/artists/julie-betts-testwuide/