Ellen Hopkins Fountain


“I often think how lucky I am to be a painter.  From the time I was a child, dazzled by the colors of the New England countryside, I have felt compelled to paint. I work primarily in watercolor.  From veils of atmosphere, to expressive color, to darkest mystery, watercolor can convey nature in all its guises. The medium of watercolor is challenging enough that I can continue to paint my love of nature, while continuing to evolve as an artist.” (Ellen Hopkins Fountain)

Mrs. Hopkins Fountain got her BFA at Carnegie Mellon. She worked at the local public television station as a production assistant and worked her way up through props becoming a scenic artist for television, theater and film. It was a great beginning for a watercolor painter, she recalls mixing gallons of colors, working from a designers thumbnail and blow it all up to a 60′ canvas. She moved on to raise a family and paint from home, eventually pursuing her passion full time.